Editorial, June 2020 issue


Jordan Young, Opinions Co-Editor
Published June 10 2020

Life—and the world itself—can be daunting. Just to name a few reasons for worry, there is an impending election, systemic racism remains increasingly prevalent and the global pandemic encroaches further upon us. Stress can also come from a more personal place, such as through wavering grades, social media or family dynamics. Wherever it stems from, everyone is bound to experience some form of grief at one point or another.

For this issue, we not only wanted to cover these ever-present stressors, but also highlight the ways the student body copes with them. Whether through negative means like procrastination or substance abuse, or positive ones like athletic and creative outlets, the concept of escapism has become increasingly ingrained in our culture.

We would also like to note that with the exception of a few new articles covering the Black Lives Matter protests and current incidences of police brutality, most of the content you will read in this online edition was originally supposed to be published in March. However, the school's closure due to COVID-19 made it impossible to distribute in print. 

With it being so close to the end of the school year, it is evident that the pressures posed by the present climate are starting to accumulate and weigh heavily on the Columbia High School community. Regardless, we—the editorial board—hope that all of our readers can continue to escape with The Columbian.

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